Marysville Bahá’í History

65th Anniversary of the Bahá’í Faith in Marysville, WA


Looking west on Front Street in Marysville, c. 1890sMarysville’s European-American settlement and history began with the signing of the Point Elliott Treaty in 1855 between the United States and the Tulalip people to establish a reservation for them and allow settlement of others on their former territory. It was in 1844 that the Bahá’í Faith had its beginning in Persia. By 1855 well over 20,000 of its early followers had lost their lives.  By the local Marysville area had opened for settlement with settlers from far away. The timber industry quickly moved in, staking several claims during the 1860s in the area that would become Marysville.

point elliot treatyThe loggers and the nearby Tulalip reservation provided ample customers for trade, and in 1872 the federal government authorized a small trading post. By this time the founder of the Bahá’í Faith was stripped of His properties and exiled several times until he eventually ended up in a prison fortress in Akka, Israel on Mount Carmel.

marysville lumber and trainLittle growth took place in Marysville until the mid-1880s. The first saw mill  opened in 1887, followed by three additional mills over the next few years. The railroad was constructed to town in 1889, which was followed by more growth. It connected the timber industry and the area to other markets. Marysville was officially incorporated on March 20, 1891.

shrine of Baha3Baha’u’llah passed away the following year in 1892 in Akka, Israel. Please see below present day location of His burial site and seat of the present Universal House of Justice.

1898 pilgrims1893 FairIt was in 1893 during the Chicago World Fair that the first mention of the Faith occurred in this country. By 1898 many Western Bahá’í pilgrims made their way to Akka and brought back with them their newly discovered belief. It was not until 1905 that the Bahá’í Faith made its way into the State of Washington in Tacoma, Spokane and Seattle. By 1948 the first Local Spiritual Assembly was formed in Marysville and has been here ever since.

Last year we all celebrated our 65th anniversary in Marysville. Come and join our small community in some of our local activities around town. Please check out our calendar above.