Group gathered for a webinar on “Transforming Society” with Paul Hanley

social changeIt was another wonderful evening with the Baha’is in Marysville participating in another brilliant Baha’i Studies webinar on “Transforming Civilization” in a “Full World” with Paul Hanley
Paul Hanley has published 1500 articles on the environment, sustainable development, agriculture, and other topics. He is editor and co-author of Earthcare: Ecological Agriculture in Saskatchewan (Earthcare 1980) and The Spirit of Agriculture (George Ronald 2005). Paul is a recipient of the Canadian Environment Award (2006) and the Award for Excellence in Bahá’í Studies (B.E. 143). He has been environment columnist with the Saskatoon StarPhoenix since 1989.
UN projections show global population reaching 11 billion—and the world economy growing by 500%—by 2100. But can the planet accommodate an additional 3.7 billion people and a five-fold economic expansion when our current ecological footprint already exceeds Earth’s biocapacity? Clearly, humanity has to change direction. Yet the totality of the dominant global culture programs us to maintain the status quo: perpetual material growth. Based on his book ELEVEN, Paul Hanley argues that solving this conundrum will require an ethical revolution that will result in the emergence of a new culture, a new agriculture, and ultimately a new human race. This is neither a utopian vision, nor even a matter of choice. It is the next, inescapable stage in human evolution